What is CosmicMatch?Icon

Cosmic Match is the answer for anyone who is interested in their spiritual and cosmical life. It's an app built for those who want to understand how the stars and planets in the astrology zone above us influence our daily lives.

What exactly will I get?Icon

Cosmic Match is available as a web and mobile application. The program offers numerous features, including daily and monthly horoscopes, compatibility reports, daily biorhythms, and detailed birth chart astrology and natal chart reports. Cosmic Match is here to provide you with hyper-personalized astrology insights, including your love horoscope, to reveal what's written in the stars for you.

What happens when I order?Icon

As soon as you finish your purchase, we’ll get started! Once everything is processed, you’ll receive an email with a download link and some simple instructions on how to access your Cosmic Match app.

How much does it cost?Icon

With our flexible payment options, you can choose a donation of how much you’d like to spend for your 7 day trial. During which you will be able to access all features of our Cosmic Match app. If you’re happy with the product, and we’re positive you will be, you will be assigned a bi-weekly plan, which you can cancel at any time.